Adventures in Teaching Art -Spring 2019- Part 1

Teaching has been going very well lately. I have gained more confidence as a teacher and have learned how to make my assignments fun and engaging for my students. It has been a huge learning experience and I am glad I got out of my comfort zone to do something that I really love to do.

My class size is a bit smaller this semester, so I am able to give more 1 on 1 time to all of my students. They have been doing very well and have improved so much since the beginning of the school year. They continue to surprise and inspire me with their creativity and ability to learn new techniques!

Week 1: Abstract Magnets

My students had so much fun with this project because it has a functional element to it. The assignment was to make one magnet, but some of my students were so excited that they were able to make two during the class period! They used previously learned drawing techniques related to shapes, line, perspective and color. It is really nice seeing their knowledge build overtime as they apply it to each project.

Week 2: Caterpillars & Butterflies

I had Kindergarten - 8th grade students for this class because I was filling in for another teacher who was sick. It was an extremely full class and I had approximately 25 students. They all had varying skill levels so it was a challenge making sure that all of the students had the proper guidance that they needed to complete the project. I felt that the younger students would have an easier time with the caterpillars and that the older students would want more of a challenge with the patterns on the butterflies. Some students ended up doing both!

Week 3: Drawing with Basic Shapes

My students drew these using step by step directions and it showed them how they can use basic shapes to form an image!

Week 4: Drawing with Patterns

My students created designs using repeating shapes and patterns. This project was perfect for building their skills in the foundations of art .

I hope you enjoyed seeing the art that my students worked very hard on. I am looking forward to showing you what they do next!

I am currently available for private and group drawing lessons in the Northwest Ohio area. For inquiries, please email me at or message me via my facebook page.