Teaching Drawing Class - Fall 2018

I began teaching drawing on the weekends at Toledo Chinese School in August and the semester just ended a couple of weeks ago. It was definitely a step out of my comfort zone. I have always been the student; never the teacher. I was nervous at first because it is a lot of responsibility to not only conduct the class but to also make sure my students were enjoying the projects we were doing. I definitely had to pivot and change lesson plans as I recognized what my students enjoyed and what they could improve on.

Week 1: Collage & Draw

Week 2: Gourd Still Life

Week 3: Halloween Drawings on Water Color paper

Week 4: Animal Hybrids

Week 5: Self Portraits

Week 6: Drawing Animals

Week 7: Drawing Vehicles

Week 8: Abstract Drawing

This is all of the work that my students created this semester. My students learned a lot and I could see their improvement as the semester went on. I really look forward to teaching again in the Spring.