2018 ARToledo: Emerging Artist Exhibition

My work has been accepted into the 2018 ARToledo: Emerging Artist Exhibition. A total of seven pieces were accepted and will be shown alongside several other local artists. I invite you to attend the opening reception in July. 

Friday, July 13 at 6 PM - 9 PM
20 North Gallery
18 N Saint Clair St, Toledo, Ohio 43604


Artist Statement

This body of work encapsulates visual storytelling and the idea that one can find
a story in everything. I challenge the viewer to examine each element in my digital
images so that the story can take form. Interpretation can vary due to the viewers own
individual experiences. Aesthetically, I use varying digital techniques to invoke different
emotions throughout each of my pieces.

The “Gateways” series uses slit scanning methods and photo manipulation
techniques. These slit scans take an image in slices from left to right which shows many
moments in time in one image. These images have a dreamlike aesthetic and contain
many layers and textures. The “Chronic Agony” diptych represents pain and emotions
caused by chronic illness. This is a digital image that has been transferred to metal,
exaggerating the image's surrealism. The specular highlights of the aluminum add to the
haunting feeling that I wanted to deliver to the viewer.

Color plays a big role in setting the mood of my images. The dark blues and
purples in “Research Outpost” set an ominous and mysterious mood. The bright pink
and purple hues in “A Cat’s Underwater Adventure” symbolizes hope and finding wonder
in the unknown. The colors in “Kayla” give a cozy and warm feeling despite the subjects
surrounding environment.

I have the firm belief that stories play key roles in our lives for teaching empathy
and compassion. Through these images I aim to set a mood and invoke emotion from
the viewer. Whether these paintings portray a small story of daily life or an extraordinary
adventure, they serve as a portal into memories and dreams.