User Personas and Scenarios

Potential Members


Jeremy who works in the Computer Graphics Industry has recently relocated to California and would like to network with other professionals in the area. He is hoping to join a local Chapter and wants to find out how.

Chapter Leaders

Sam is a Chapter Leader who has recently been elected as Chair. They want to take all necessary steps so their chapter can continue to stay active and hold events. They hope to find and understand this information easily.

Jenna is a Chapter Leader who is planning their chapter's trip to the annual conference. There will be 5 chapter members attending this year and they want to know information about the chapters workshop and booth duty.


Get Involved Page: How to join and participate 

Chapter Resources: Requirement and how to run a chapter

Stay Connected: Holds all communication and archives

Example of how the archives will work as blog posts

First draft of WordPress site

Other HTML and CSS projects

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