Permanent [2016]

This body of work was heavily inspired by a black out poem I created. Using slit scanning methods, I went outside and explored symbols I found in my environment that could relate directly to my poem. After I digitally manipulated my photos, I transferred the images to sheets of aluminum. Referring to the environment I was in, I gathered driftwood from Lake Erie and suspended my images from them. The title of this body of work, Permanent, comes directly from a line in the poem and is a nod towards my attempt to freeze these moments in time and space. 


Deer appeared at night,

fires lit up the heavens,

wolves howled despite their hardships and isolation.


They are running from the old trail,

from the man who persevered and dreamed of an eventual passage way from the winter.

But the blazing of felled trees observed the rough permanent road.


This body of work was exhibited at the Coburn Art Gallery in the Ohio New Photography Exhibition from June 26- July 31, 2016. The Opening Reception was on June 26 from 2:00pm-4:00pm.‪ The juror for this exhibition was Honey Lazar who is a magnificent photographer from Cleveland Ohio.